Snow 49 is the proud representative for Metal Pless in Alaska

Metal Pless makes the sturdiest plows in the world. There’s no more efficient way to move snow with your skid steer, wheel loader, tractor, or heavy truck than with a Metal Pless plow fitted to your rig.

Whether you need to clear snow from your driveway, parking lot, or even an entire airport, Metal Pless has a full line of plow sizes from 60 inches wide to 60 feet wide!

Metal Ples Live Edge is ready to go to work in Anchorage, Alaska. The liveboxx design is shown on a box blade.

The revolutionary LiveEdge Technology from Metal Pless

LiveEdge means your plow’s cutting edge will adjust to follow the specific contour of the ground under every inch of your plow blade. Nothing scrapes cleaner than a LiveEdge plow by Metal Pless. Contractors around the world are moving their snow plow fleets to Metal Pless because they’ve experienced the increase in efficiency, and the dynamic difference in the quality they can deliver to their customers. 


Snow 49 carries Metal Pless snow plows in all formations 

We have box plows, wing plows, straight plows, and plows that can do all of the above. Hydraulically folding 180 degree rotating wings and the ability to angle your plow hydraulically while in any scooping position are key features that set Metal Pless apart from any other manufacturer on the market. 

Metal Ples plow ready for use in Alaska


Metal Pless makes the perfect plows for Alaska. Their strength, versatility, and raw snow-pushing power is ready to tackle the biggest drops of powder or the thickest layers of frozen slush. With LiveEdge Technology, our cutting edges will scrape your road or parking lot cleaner than any other plow on the market.

Here are a couple of featured plows we offer


The ultimate industrial snow plow for your loader. 

Metalples MaxxPro on a loader ready to go to clear snow in Anchorage, Alaska


Big snow pushing ability from your tractor.

Agrimaxx plow from Snow 49 on a tractor ready to push the winter snowfall away in Anchorage, Alaska.


Push box for skidsteer or compact loader

Plowmaxx from Metal Ples on a skidsteer ready to clear snow from parking lots and driveways in Anchorage, AK


LiveEdge follows the contours of the highway 

Truckmaxx plow from Metal Ples on a large truck ready to clear Alaskan highways


Get in touch to discuss the options you have for the perfect snow removal setup for your equipment.


We are leading the pursuit towards smarter, more efficient, more responsible work methods to help Alaskan contractors exceed their production goals.